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Multicultural Integration Community Support

To increase intercultural collaboration, cultural diversity awareness and understanding.

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Our organisation was established in April 2009. Cai Ruggles from Hornsby Council (in Sydney) assisted us with the initiative of establishing a multicultural group for the Hornsby and Kuringai Council areas in Sydney’s Northern suburbs. The purpose was to leverage the potential of the smaller ethnic community groups working to assist new and established migrants, and to increase intercultural collaboration and cultural diversity awareness and understanding. A range of community leaders from India, China, Korea, Iran, Nepal, Russia and Latin American countries came together to work collaboratively and learn from each other. Over the past 10 years, MICS has assisted newly arrived migrants, organised a series of events ranging from inter-country football games, street performances, first aid courses, training workshops and multicultural film events. MICS has also received financial support through Hornsby and Kuringai Council Grant schemes, as well as from Multicultural NSW with a total value of over $60,000. Currently MICS is very privileged to be sponsored and supported by Community Migrant Resource Centre through its Hornsby and Kuringai Councils representative Ms. Uma Menon.

To support migrants in their adjustment to their new Australian environment.

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MICS – Multicultural Film Friday 20 May 6pm - 8.30pm

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